The Technical Capabilities of Engineering

  • Conceptualize innovative, automated solutions to multifaceted manufacturing challenges.
  • We strive to maintain awareness of technologies employed in other industries and effectively translate them into solutions for current issues to give customer a confidence of manufacturing excellence which in turn out to be a cost effective solution gives immense benefits to the customer with competitive edge.
  • Our capability in manufacturing is par near to excellence, team is well versed to establish, plan, monitor and analyze customer requirements and capacity planning to cater to all types of Customers and effective utilization of resources
  • Effective PM mechanism systems and practices for improvements in equipment breakdowns.
  • We ensure availability and performance of equipment which give flexibility in production requirements to enhance the capability of manufacturing.
  • Continuous Process improvement systems in place to increase product yield & reduce defects improving the product yield and through put yield.
  • Exemplary trained work force to work in process, breakdown and preventive maintenance of production equipments.
  • Process control methodology, SPC control charts widely used with a focus on key process parameters providing reliable product quality to the customers in manufacturing.
  • Industrial Engineering, Line Layout , response to RFQ, Line balancing and cycle time study.

Nutshell Engineering Capabilities

The Engineering service offered to best in class for Electronics Products Manufacturing Companies. We will ensure our customers embrace the best manufacturing practices and methods to make manufacturing competitive in their own domain. We offer the services matches the economic scale to all customers which can be affordable and the best in the industry.